Prof. Edwin Kadima Wamukoya

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Dean School of Public Health (MMUST)

Department  of Health Promotion and Sport science.

P.O. Box 190-50100

Kakamega, KENYA

Kakamega-Webuye Road

office No: ABA  Block Room 108

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Prof. Edwin Kadima Wamukoya.

Prof.Edwin Wamukoya has been actively involved in the proposal writing and planning stages for the proposed Open University in Kenya.In his capacity as a Director, he has also been involved in the training and development of the e-Learning programmes as well as the establishment and day-to-day management of Distance and Open Learning programme for Kenyatta University throughout the Republic.

Prof.Wamukoya served as the founding Director of Distance and Open Learning programme for Kenyatta University-Mombasa Campus,where he was involved in the day-to-day administration and management of the Campus as well as the Open Learning Programmes for Kenyatta University Students. Additionally , Prof.Wamukoya was the Vice Chancellor at Zetech University from 2012 to May 2018, where was the Administrative and academic head of the institution.

Currently, he is the  Dean of the School of Public Health, Biomedical Science and Technology as well as the Chair Board of Science Park. In addition, Prof.Wamukoya is the representative to the University Management Board and Departmental Coordinator for Postgraduate programmes. His overseas experiences include travels to Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Britain, USA and The People's Republic of China as a player (Handball), national representative in sports, external examiner (Physical Education and Sports Science), Student on ACU Scholarship, a member of staff on exchange programme and a visiting scholar respectively.

Prof.Wamukoya has supervised eleven(11) PHD and Twelve(12) Masters students to successful completion. i have various publications in peer Reffereed journals to my name.

 some of his major publcation:-

  1. Edwin Kadima Wamukoya, Micky Olutende, David Kaniaru, Lilian Soibe, Maximilla Wanzala. Link between COVID-19 and Substance Abuse among University Students.Published on september 19th 2022 in Scientific Research. DOI:
  2. Anthony Muchiri*1, Edwin K. Wamukoya1, Donald Kokonya2 (2020). Factorial Structure of Rosenberg’s Self-esteem Scale among Injured Male Rugby Players in the Kenya cup competition. European Journal of Fitness, Nutrition and Sport Medicine Studies ISSN 2668 - 9758 ISSN 2668-L - 9758.DOI:
  3. Anthony Muchiri Wangui1, Edwin Kadima Wamukoya2, Micky Oloo Olutende3 (2020) Physiological and Anthropometric Characteristics of Amateur Women in the Kenya Rugby Union. Journal of Advances in Sports and Physical Education ISSN 2616-8642 (Print) |ISSN 2617-3905 12.07.2020. DOI:
  4. Micky Olutende Oloo, Edwin Kadima Wamukoya, Maximilla Wanzala (2020) Efficacy of Physical Activity Counselling Interventions delivered in Primary Care: A systematic Review and Meta-analysis. European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science ISSN: 2501 -1235ISSN-L: 2501 -1235. Volume 6 │Issue 4│2020. DOI: 
  5. Esther Vurigwa1, Prof. Wamukoya Edwin2, Dr. Kokonya Donald3 (2019) Kokonya Donald3 (2019) Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Nurses in Promoting Antenatal Exercises in Kakamega County, Kenya.IOSR Journal of Research & Method in Education (IOSR-JRME) e-ISSN: 2320–1959.p- ISSN: 2320–1940 Volume 9, Issue 6 Ser. I. (Nov. - Dec .2019), PP 29-34 . DOI: 
  6. Oloo Micky Olutende, Dr. Maximilla N. Wanzala & Prof. Edwin K. Wamukoya (2019). Psychometric Properties of the Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile II: Validation of the Self-Realization and Health Responsibility Constructs Among Kenyan University Students.Saudi Journal of Nursing and Health Care. ISSN 2616-7921 (Print) |ISSN 2616-6186 (Online) Received: 08.11.2019 | Accepted: 15.11.2019 | Published: 15.11.2019. DOI:

  7. Oloo Micky Olutende, Anthony Wangui Muchiri, Maximilla N. Wanzala and  Edwin Kadima Wamukoya.  “Concussion knowledge and attitudes among sub elite rugby union players in western Kenya. European Journal of Public Health Studies. DOI: : 10.5281/zenodo.2652952.

  8. Edwin Kadima Wamukoya, Anthony Wangui Muchiri and Oloo Micky Olutende, (2019). “Role of Physical Activity in the Development of National Goals: Systematic Review”. International Journal of Research and Innovation in Applied Science (IJRIAS),4(4),56-60, ISSN 2454-6194. Micky Olutende, Maximilla N. Wanzala, Anthony Wangui Muchiri and Edwin

  9. Kadima Wamukoya. (2019). “Comparative Study of Anthropometrics, Blood Pressure Phenotypes, and Bio-motor Variables Among Sports and Non-Sports University Students.” European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science, vol. 5, no. 6: 14-28.DOI:

  10. Anthony Wangui Muchiri, Maximilla N. Wanzala, Micky Olutende Oloo and Edwin Kadima Wamukoya. (2019). “Assessment of pre-season anthropometric tests of rugby players in a championship club, Kenyan rugby union.” European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science DOI:

  11. Mugala Bulinda H.1, Wamukoya Edwin K.2 (2017). Influence of age on satisfaction levels of Kenyan Volleyball League Players. European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science. Volume 3 Issue 1. ISSN: 2501–1235. Available on-line at:  www. DOI: 232997.  

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