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Department of Curriculum and Instructional Technology

School of Education (MMUST)

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Kakamega, KENYA

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Kakamega-Webuye Road

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Prof. John O. Shiundu

Professor John O. Shiundu is a professor of Education (Curriculum and Instructional) department of Curriculum and Instructional Technology at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. He teaches Curriculum Studies, Introduction to Teaching and School Operations, Reflective thinking in Teacher Education, Research Methodology and Educational Planning and Management. He advises Students on School Attachment and Supervising Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral Research students and also helps students to develop academic portfolios.

He holds a Doctoral Studies in Evaluation of social Research from Summer School Addis Ababa (1996), Doctor of Philosophy from Kenyatta University (1987), Master of Education (Med) from the University of Nairobi (1981), Graduate Certificate Curriculum Evaluation Research from Njalla University Sierra Leone (1978), Bachelor of Education from the University Nairobi (1976)

He has supervised  58 PhDs and 347 masters.

Some of his professional certifications are:

2019- Member, Mukwano Housing Cooperative Society, Busia Kenya

2019- Member Access MMUST Research Consortium

2018 to-date    Member, Senate Executive Committee, MMUST

2017- Member Organizing Committee 1st International Research Congress on

Knowledge, Generation and Dissemination in Africa, 3rd-6th Dec 2017,Kisumu

2014- Member Wecohas, Kakamega County

2017 to-date- Member Research Committee, School of Education, MMUST

2017 to-date- Member Board of Post Graduate Studies, MMUST

2016 -2018- Member, Vice Chancellor Executive Committee of Professors, MMUST

2016 to-date- Member, Professors Forum, MMUST

2016 to-date- Member, TVET Board of Management, MMUST

2010 to-date- Nabongo Council of Elders (Wanga Kingdom), MUMIAS

2008 to-date-Kakamega Council of Elders               

2007-2010- International Evaluation and Research Team for Research Organizations in Africa.

2007 to-date- MMUST Senate, Academic Board Committees, Dean’s Committee, IDEC,  Master Plan Committee, Planning and Development Committee, Staff Welfare

Some of his major publications:-

  1. Caroline Sabina Wekullo,James Bill Ouda,Enid Keseko,John Oyula Shiundu & Wesangula Poipoi Moses. Mentorship for capacity building among young scholars in knowledge translation, research, and practice in universities in Kenya.Published in Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning on 05 Mar 2024.DOI:
  2. Hellen U. Lumadede, John O. Shiundu & Moses W. Poipoi (2020). Teachers’ Perceptions of the Role of Examination on Students’ Academic Achievement in Public Secondary Schools, Kakamega County, Kenya. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) Volume 25, Issue 5, Series 9, 35-52.
  3. Hellen U. Lumadede, John O. Shiundu, Moses W. Poipoi(2020).Teachers' Perceptions of the Role of Examination on Students' 35-52 Academic Achievement in Public Secondary Schools, Kakamega County, Kenya. International Organization of Scientific Research. Volume: 25 Issue: 5 Series-9.
  4. Wekesa E. N and Shiundu,J.O (2019) Effects of Computer Instructional Simulation Model in Student Academic Achievement in Rural Secondary School Classroom in Kenya. Journal of Education and Practice Vol. 10 No 9 ISSN 2222-1735.
  5. Njeri  E.K,Shiundu J.O and Wekesa E.N(2019) Lea saving Resources factor in Implementation of Agriculture Curriculum in Secondary Schools in Kakamega Central Sub-county Kenya”. Journal pof Education and Practice Vol. 10 N0. 19 ISSN 222-1735.
  6. Maluti, L. V., Warentho, T. O., & Shiundu, J. O. (2012). Impact of employee commitment on retention in state financial corporations in Kenya.
  7. Iyaya, M. W., Onkware, K., & Shiundu, J. O.(2015). Student Common Discipline Problems and Their effect on Learning in Secondary Schools In Kenya.
  8. Poipoi W. Mutsotso S. and Shiundu, J.O (2018) Role of Non-Formal Education in Addressing Poverty and Health for Sustainable Development: Experience from Lake Victoria Basin in Kenya (Conference Proceedings) Congress on Knowledge Generation and Dissemination 18-21 June 2018 Grand Royal Swiss Hotel, Kisumu, Kenya.
  9. Oloo S. O and Shiundu, J.O (2018). Prospects and Challenges of Promoting Literacy for Enhancing Access to Health Information and Services in Kenya. Conference Proceedings. First Pan African International Research Congress: Hernessing Research Output for Sustainable Development 18-21 June 2018 Grand Royal Swiss Hotel, Kisumu,Kenya.
  10. Oloo A.A and Shiundu J.O (2017). The role of Curriculum in Enhancing Security. Journal of Education and Social Sciences. Vol.3, No. 2.
  11. Ashioya A.F and Shiundu J.O (2016). Investing in the Security of Learning Institutions. The case of public secondary schools in Kakamega County. Journal and Education of Social Science. Vol.3,No.1.
  12. Oloo A. A & Shiundu J.O (2016) Education and Security in Kenya; the Role of the School Curriculum in Enhancing Security. Journal of Education and Social Sciences (JESS) Vol.1.Issue No.3. ISSN:( 2016).pp.2.
  13. Lucania V, Shiundu J.O and Warentho T.O (2012) Development Ramification in Employee Retention in State Financial Corporation in Kenya The management Digest Journal 2012.
  14. Lucania V, Shiundu J.O and Warentho T.O (2012). Impact of Employees Commitment on Retention in State Financial Corporations in Kenya. International Journal of Business and Public Management Vol. 2 No 2 pp 30-38 July 2012.
  15. Ndiku J. M, Shiundu J.O, Achoka J.S and Maiyo J.K (2012). Terms and Conditions of Service of Non-teaching Staff in Kenya Secondary Schools. Legal Implications. Scholarly Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies Vol. 1 issue 1, July 2012.
  16. Kelonye C,Shiundu J.O and Mutsotso S.N (2012). Opinions of Teachers and Parents on Parental Involvement in the Provision of Early Childhood Education in Kenya. Kenya Journal of Education Planning, Economics and Management Vol.5 pp 57-62 December (2012).
  17. Wamocha J. N., Shiundu J.O and Onkware, K. (2011) Analysis of Radical Feminism,Logical Pedagogical Implications to Contemporary Education in Kenya. Journal of Education and Social Science Vol. 1 No 1 pp 84-97.
  18. Namachi S.k Okwara M.O, Indoshi F.C, Shiundu J.O and Namachi E.A (2011) “Towards Teacher Preparedness in the Teaching of English Languagae in Primary Schools. Educational Research Journal Vol. 2. No. 8 pp 1356-1361, August 2011.
  19. Imbaya B.H.O, Shiundu J.O and Omuterema S. (2011) Woman in Management Positions in National Polythenics in Kenya. Journal of Science, Technology, Education and Management (J-STEM) vol.4. No 1 pp 85-94 September 2011.
  20. Shiundu J. O, Mutsotso. S.N, Wesangula, M.P and Khalumi, M.C (2011) “Influence of Adult and Non-formal Education and Poverty, Health and Development in Lake Basin of Kenya”. International Journal of Current Research Vol. 3 No. 2 pp 035-098.
  21. Shiundu J.O and Mutsotso S. (2010) The Prospects and Challenge of Implementing Universal Primary Education in Kenya. Journal of Science, Technology, Educational Management Vol. 3 Nos 1&2, 2010.


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