Dr. George Lutomia

georgelutomiaDr. George Lutomia is a highly accomplished and decorated author with a wealth of experience in Human resource management, Strategic Planning, Lecturer in Peace and conflict Resolution, Classroom teaching, guidance and counselling, and teacher management. His extensive experience in these areas has equipped him with the knowledge and skills needed to help Institutions and students overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

In addition to his experience in the classroom, Dr. George Lutomia is also a widely respected author and researcher of scholarly works and journals. His books "Guidance and Counselling in Schools and Colleges", “ Career Guidance and Counselling”,  "Handling Problems Facing Youth in Learning Institutions",  “ Effective Ways to Adjust to High School” are widely used in Africa and other parts of the globe as benchmarks for managing youth conflicts.

Dr. Lutomia's educational qualifications include a PhD in Conflict Resolution and Management. His expertise in conflict resolution has been invaluable in helping students and educational institutions navigate the complex and sometimes challenging dynamics that can arise in the school setting.

Furthermore, Dr. Lutomia's experience in education leadership and management is noteworthy. Serving as the County Executive Committee member (Minister) for Education in the Kakamega County Government from 2018-2022, he has played a crucial role in developing policies and procedures that promote effective and efficient management of learning institutions. Earlier, he served as an assistant director of education based at Jogoo house before moving to Kakamega County as CECM. Currently, Dr. George Lutomia is the Chairperson Kakamega County Education Board ( CEB)

Overall, Dr. Lutomia's extensive experience in education, guidance and counselling, and conflict resolution makes him a highly respected and valuable resource in the field. His insights and practical advice are sure to be invaluable to anyone looking to improve the quality of education and promote the well-being of students in Africa and beyond.

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