Innovations for Integrated Control of COVID-19 among Vulnerable Populations with Underlying Predisposing Respiratory Diseases

Project Profile

Funding Organization: Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

Grant Number:302003-1

Amount: Ksh. 3,549,710

Period: FY 2020/2021

Current status: Ongoing








Dr. Dennis M.W Ochieno

Principal Investigator

Dr. Jairus odawa

Sub-Topic: Epidemiological Data base for Covid-19 and related infections.

co-principal Investigator

Dr. Edwin Kanda

Sub-Topic: Auto-sanitizing taps and handles for reducing Covid -19 transamission.

Co-Principal Investigator.

Dr. Henry Barasa.

Sub-Topic:Re-usable face masks for prevention of Covid-19 infections.

Co-Principal Investigator.

Dr. James Owuor

Sub-Topic: Botanical Portable Sauna for Lungs and Airways disorders among Covid-19 vulnerable Populations.

Co-Principal Investigator.

Rahab Kamau

Sub-Topic: Alternative Medicine for reducing vulnerabilitry to Covid-19 infection.

Co-Principal Investigator.

Dr. Nathan Shaviya.

Sub-Topic: Covid-19 Vaccine design and Development.

Co-Principal Investigator.


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