Project Description

Teenage pregnancy is a global problem in Africa including Kenya, resulting into adolescent motherhood ,poor maternal and child outcomes. Improving the survival chances of infants and their mothers remains an urgent global challenge. It is crucial for challenges to childcare among adolescent mothers to be identified early inorder to facilitate timely interventions through parenting support, education about nutrition needs and advice on enriching the home environments for the children. This “Ni Binti Ni Mama’ project seeks to support these young mothers to effectively take up their roles.The project specifically aims at improved nurturing care practices among teenage mothers in Ikolomani Subcounty. It aims at enhancing personal and cognitive factors that can influence change in childcare practices among teenage mothers.In addition,the project is focused on  lobbying  for social support from family, community, school and health systems for teenage mothers and creation of an enabling physical environment to implement the childcare practices. This pilot project will  measure the feasibility of implementation in a rural community in Western Kenya. The activities include training of community health volunteers as community owned resource persons to carry out home visits. During the home visits, the community health volunteers assess and make a plans for support depending on the needs.

Funding Organization: Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

Dr. Everlyne Morema: PI

Dr. Gregory Sakwa-Co-PI

Ms Sally Jepkosgei Oronje-Co-PI

Mr. Morris Senghor Shisanya-Co-PI