MMUST Set to Collaborate With Sports Kenya in the Development of the Olympic Standard Swimming Pool to Promote Sports Science

We are delighted to inform you that Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology is set to collaborate with Sports Kenya in the development of the Olympic Standard Swimming Pool to promote Sports Science. This was evident during a visit by a delegation from Sports Kenya to the office of the Dean, School of Public Health BioMedical Sciences and Technology (SPHBS&T) led by Prof. Edwin Wamukoya today, 8th March, 2023. The delegation, whose aim is to develop sports facilities in the nation, is committed to developing a swimming pool that meets the minimum requirements of the International Sports Federation.

The delegation included the Deputy Director of Technical Services Sports Kenya- Mr. Gabriel Komora, In charge of maintenance –Eng. John Ruga, and Mr. Kataka Wandere. It was received by the Dean SPHBS&T- Prof. Edwin Wamukoya, Director of Research, Postgraduate support (DPS)- Prof. Peter Bukhala, and Estate Officer- Mr. Enock Odondi.

The visit was geared towards the assessment of the standardization and progress of the construction of the swimming pool, and the evaluation of MMUST programs and services that promote the development of sports culture in the University as well as the community. In addition, the delegation discussed the promotion of indoor games which led to a survey of the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) which was proposed to house the indoor activities.

Participants listening to the Dean, School of Public Health Bio-Medical Sciences and Technology (SPHBS&T) led by Prof. Edwin Wamukoya during the visit.

Further, the delegation met staff from the Department of Sports Science to assess the sports activities and opportunities available for sports sciences. They encouraged the staff to keep up the exemplary job and advocated for the development of TVET programs in sports engineering for infrastructural development.

To promote swimming activities in the Western Region, the delegation was interested in supporting the construction of the Swimming Pool and the development of Sports Science at the University. The establishment will enable the University to host Olympic swimming matches and act as a recreational facility. This will create an avenue to market MMUST and support the Olympics in the region as well as the nation.

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