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MOU between MMUST and Mosoriot Rural  Health Training Center.

Brief description

By virtue of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the parties confirm their intent to contribute in the following:

The duties of SPHBST shall be;

  • To ensure that SPHBST academic staff and students assigned to the Hospital facilities recognize, respect and adhere to the professional and ethical requirements of training research and service activities in the Hospital
  • To cover, as appropriate, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, logistic or any other costs especially required by SPHBST for the teaching and/or research at the skills, lab and not necessitated by the regular patient care and research activities of the Hospital;
  • To participate actively in the membership and activities of joint committees of the two institutions, constituted under this MOU.
  • As far as practicable, to repair any damages due to SPHBST student’s negligence to infrastructure at assigned areas at MRHTC, and thus make it ideal for effective learning.
  • To pay to the management of MRHTC Kenya Shillings Five Hundred (Kshs.500) only per student per day or a rate that may be set out from time to time as will be mutually agreed upon by the management of both parties to cater for students’ full board (meals: breakfast, lunch, supper and accommodation) and to facilitate training/attachments/placements for students.
  • As far as practicable, to initiate community- based interventions to address the identified health problems within the Hospital’s catchment area.
  • To encourage SPHBST staff to participate in professional development of the Hospital staff through continuing medical education, seminars held in Mosoriot Rural Health Training Centre or elsewhere.
  • To cater for costs of field activities ( e.g Community Diagnosis) to enable students meet the overall objective of attachment/placement.

 The duties and responsibilities of MRHTC shall be;

  • To provide MRHTC as a venue for teaching, research, clinical and public health practice.
  • To provide access to academic staff and students of SPHBST to the diagnostic, outpatient, inpatient and other activities of MRHTC for the purposes of teaching, research and clinical services.
  • To facilitate eligible staff of MRHTC in additional to fulfilling their employment duties in the hospital, render services to SPHBST according to SPHBST terms of service.
  • To facilitate enforcement of discipline and observance of rules and regulations of SPHBST ethical standards and good professional conduct among SPHBST students while on attachment/training/placement at MRHTC
  • To Promote spirit of understanding and mutual resolution of disputes and conflicts should they arise
  • To participate actively in the membership and activities of the joint committees of two institutions constituted under the MOU;
  • To provide effective teaching, supervision and evaluation of SPHBST students on clinical and/or attachment at the Hospital.

Period of operation

November 2019 –November 2024

Mosoriot Rural Health Training  Center

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