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MOU between MMUST and Eco2librium Company Limited

Brief description

This MOU focuses on the following areas of collaboration:

  • Undertake collaborative research and extension activities and share results.
  • Cooperate in community outreach initiatives, including work integrated learning.
  • Develop income-generating activities
  • Offer Internship and Attachment Placements
  • Share infrastructure, facilities and equipment for mutual benefits.
  • Develop and mount Training programmes and Capacity Building
  • Joint Proposal Writing for Scholarships, Bursaries and Grants
  • Joint Development Projects including planting of trees and conservation of indigenous forest.
  • Jointly organize meetings and workshops on areas of mutual interest
  • Cooperate with each other and as appropriate with relevant county government, national, regional, and international institutions in development initiatives.
  • Promote avenues through which students and staff in Biological sciences, Disaster management, Engineering and other careers can advance their skills to to their highest potential

Period of operation

November 2019 –November 2024

Eco2librium Company Limited 

Contact details



P.O. Box 1348-50100,


 Phone: +254(0)712117018

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Project Activities &Events

Consultancy Services

Dr. Humphrey Agevi has been a consultant at Eco2librium since 2019 to present  and has been involved in  the   following activities:

  1. Offer professional and expert advice on ongoing and upcoming research activities conducted by Eco2 and Solibrium
  2. Work closely with Eco2’s senior Managers to supervise international students who are undertaking various research activities and affiliated to Eco2.
  3. Sit on research committees formed by Eco2 and its partners/affiliates
  4. Partner with Eco2 team on proposals development and resource mobilization to support various research activities

Departmental Seminars

  1. Department of Biological Sciences organised a seminar which there were presenters from the department and from  two visitng students at Eco2librium on 23rd October, 2019.

Tove Brolin and Fanny Edenborg visiting students at Eco2librium presented on “Evaluating Conservation Benefits of Eco2librium’s Energy-Efficient Cook stove Project”

  1. Department of Biological Sciences organised a seminar on 23rd July, 2019 in which a visiting student at Eco2librium also  presented  his PhD research proposal. In attendance was Operation manager of Eco2librium Mr. Chris Amutabi. Karl Merteens a PhD student in Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour from Boise University presented his research proposal on “Human Subsistence and Natural System Dynamics in Kakamega Forest.”

Student Co-supervision

There has been tremendous suppoort and involvement of the department of Biological Sciences in the co-supervision of visiting studenets at eco2librium. Among them includes:

  1. Differences in forest structure in relation to energy-efficient cookstoves in the Kakamega forest, Kenya: Fanny Edenborg (Linköping University)
  2. Effects of Vegetation Structures and Human Disturbance on Bird Diversity and Species Composition in the Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya Tove Brolin (Linköping University)

From these two masters thesis, manuscripts are being prepared which will acknowledge MMUST and involve staff from the department of Biological sciences.


Attachments and Intenships

Eco2librium has been a very significant organisation in offering chance to our students to gain practical experience in the thematic areas that the organisation operates in. Students from the department so far Biological sciences, Physics, computer sciences and school of business and economics have had a chance to gain needed skills and experiences.

Prior Informed Consent Prepeparation

MMUST is a key research partner together with Eco2 in the  PIC document that is currently under review by the county committee.

Joint Proposals

Through the partners and initiatives  of Eco2librium, MMUST has been involved in  proposals development which are at review stage. These include:

  1. Building low carbon, climate resilient future: Research and Innovation in support of the European Green Deal. Submmitted to EU for funding
  2. Spaciotemporal scalability of decision making:Levereging landscape genetics to study reciprocal dynamics of forest diversity and subsistence use. Submited to NSF for funding


Letter of Support to NACOSTI

The university has greatly supported eco2librium in obtaining letters of support as a requirement for obtaining the NACOSTI permit.

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