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Grade 7 Learners From Applegate Christian Schools, Kakamega Visit MMUST to Gain Exposure Regarding Advanced Computer Technology

Grade Seven learners from Applegate Christian Schools, Kakamega, their teachers and MMUST staff.

Grade Seven learners from Applegate Christian Schools, Kakamega, on 15 September 2023 visited Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) to gain exposure regarding advanced computer technology. The group of students, which was led by their School Principal, Ms. Sharon Muhenje, visited the University’s computer laboratory where they were received by one of the Senior Laboratory Technicians, Ms. Sophy Nderaisho. Besides gaining exposure in advanced computer technology the learners had an opportunity to build on their skills as they explore educational careers, and be inspired by the University environment.

Speaking during an interview, the Dean- School of Computing and Informatics, Dr. Daniel Otanga pointed out that there is a need for young people to embrace tech. “ I am happy that you came to MMUST to familiarize yourselves with computers and all that it is all about.  It will obviously assist primary schools implement the CBC curriculum. We will continue influencing learners to continue appreciating tech on a large scale,” stated Dr. Otanga.

On her part, Ms. Nderaisho stressed on the benefits of hosting primary school learners in the computer labs, stating that the experiences they will be exposed to, will play a role in enhancing the learner’s digital literacy skills and even prepare them for future educational and career opportunities.

“In today's technology-driven world, digital literacy is a fundamental skill. Basic computer skills empower students to navigate and use digital devices as well as software effectively. This ensures that they are not left behind in an increasingly digital society,” said Ms. Nderaisho. She also stated that her team will be educating the learners about digital safety and responsible online behavior as they introduce them to the basic computer skills.

18 SEP 2023BC

Learners at one of the computer labs at the varsity.

The Applegate School Principal, Ms. Sharon Muhenje further stressed on Ms. Nderaisho’s sentiments, noting that the basic computer skills are essential for both primary and junior school learners. “Exposing our learners to the basic computer skills will prepare them for the demands of the modern world, enhance their educational experiences, and provide them with tools for future success in their academic and professional lives,” she noted.

Ms. Muhenje was accompanied by one of the computer teachers, Mr. Willys Tiany, who is also an alumnus of MMUST from the School of Computing and Informatics, class of 2014.

“The technology landscape is evolving every day. By acquiring basic computer skills at such a young age, students become more adaptable to new technologies as they emerge. Furthermore, as they explore these resources, they can spark an interest in STEM subjects and careers. This adaptability is valuable in an ever-changing world where the industries are focusing on skills and competencies,” said Mr. Tiany.

18 SEP 2023B

Applegate learners get a feel of the computer and related accessories.

It is commendable that MMUST, through the Customer Care and Marketing team, has set aside every Friday of the week for the ‘School Visits Program.’ Indeed, the visits are valuable in motivating students, broadening their horizons, and fostering a love for learning and higher education. 

By Caren Nekesa

Photos by: Shiundu Masafu 

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