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Tamasha Propels MMUST towards Global Multi-Cultural Hub

IMG 0041The growing demand for higher education amidst forces of internationalization transforms universities into global villages. MMUST, the key institution of higher education in Western Kenya, finds itself at the convergence of various cultures from the forty-two counties of Kenya, with a growing international population from Africa and beyond. In order to embrace cultural diversity, MMUST organizes various events within and outside the University. Most important is the week-long Tamasha event that showcases the cultural heritage of Kenya among other nationalities. The theme of this year’s Tamasha festival held in July was ‘Promoting Cultural Diversity to Enhance Peace and Unity’.

Tamasha brings people together irrespective of age, gender, culture or race. Students exhibit their cultural practices, which are showcased through different kinds of foods, attire and lifestyle. MMUST is also located at the core of the Isukha and Idakho Luhya sub-tribes, whose famous Isukuti dance has been listed by UNESCO as endangered cultural heritage. Bullfighting tournament comes as the climax of the event, amidst roaring Isukuti drums and horns, with highly charged fans. While attending bullfighting event, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Eng. Fred Otieno urged students and members of community to embrace diversity and culture by passing it on to the next generation for preservation, as culture is the tool of identity.

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