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MMUST Second Year Student is a force to reckon with in Media, Poetry and Spoken Word.


The young upcoming journalist has written seven poems, including, ‘Endurance’. In this poem, he talks about what we go through in the normal day to day life but despite the challenges we should be persistent and focused.

Kawaida maisha yana jeraha, usijihesabie makovu

Huja kwa kukora, au kujikwaa katika maovu

Akili wazipa fohara, kwa kufumbatia povu

Kukesha kwenye karaha, maisha wayazidisha upofu

Kujitoa kwenye hofu.

Mr. Mtange attributes his success to determination and maintaining focus in whatever he intends to achieve. “It is all about determination and maintaining focus on what I want to achieve. Most of   the skills I have today, are from people whom I followed keenly and learnt from. Although I was taught editing skills in my Journalism class, I also observed what the professionals I followed were doing, then I went to YouTube and perfected it through practice” said Mtange. The journey has however not been easy for him as he has faced many challenges which have limited his work. Being a student and an upcoming artist, he says getting finances that can enable him record his work and reach out to many people remains a major hurdle.

King Mtange says his greatest motivation is the passion to excel and reach the public through the poems and the spoken word. His encouragement to his fellow students is not to limit themselves on anything. They should go beyond their coursework and look for skills that will help them define their space in the job market. Despite his challenges, he is determined to move to greater heights and be among the best poets and spoken word artists. He looks forward to becoming a highly ranked media personality not only in Kenya but the entire world.

As a way of supporting student talent, the University management through the Directorate of Corporate Communication and Marketing (DCCM), has resolved to give Mtange a platform through MMUST FM where he will be entertaining the MMUST community and reaching out to other publics through his poems and spoken word as he grows his talent.

By Linet Owuor and Shiundu Wilberforce
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