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Seated from left; Ag. DVC A&F Prof. Charles Mutai, Ag. VC Prof. Solomon Shibairo, Ag. DVC ASA Prof. Peter Odera , Ag. DVC PRI Prof. Judith Achoka and Dean of Students Dr. Bernadette Abwao glued to the Tamasha festival performances.

Speaking during the event, the Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Solomon Shibairo encouraged MMUST Staff and students to embrace their cultural diversity by appreciating one another’ s cultures.

“Through this Tamasha Festival, we work towards national cohesion by fostering nationalism,” said Prof. Shibairo.

Prof. Shibairo added that the celebrations have come at a time when the nation is coping with the implications of COVID-19, however, there is a lot to look forward to. The Acting Vice Chancellor took the opportunity to affirm the University’s positive reforms such as employing more teaching staff and tackling pertinent issues in most institutions of higher learning in the country such as ‘missing marks.

He said that the University Council is in support of the celebrations, adding that the festival is important in promoting positive values.

The Dean of Students, Dr. Bernadette Abwao, said that MMUST Tamasha Festival is the most popular activity by students, which brings different cultures together. She emphasized on the importance of such festivals, adding that they create opportunities for students regionally and internationally through beauty pageants. She thanked the University Management Board for supporting the celebrations and the Ag. Vice Chancellor Prof. Shibairo for appointing a patron for this year’s Tamasha Festival, Prof. Edwin Wamukoya.

The DVC in charge of Academics and Finance, Prof. Charles Mutai and DVC in charge of Planning, Research and Innovation, Prof. J.S.K Achoka encouraged the practice of embracing of different cultures.

“Let us continue to celebrate who we are,” said Prof. Achoka.

MMUST DVC in charge of Academic and Students’ Affairs Prof. Peter Odera, encouraged co-existence, especially in a diversified environment like MMUST.

 “Our different cultures give us identity,” said Prof. Odera.

by  Mary Wangari Wambugu

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