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“Unionism is about numbers and the numbers must be reflected on the support and visibility,” said Dr. Omogo.

Dr. Omogo said that the launch of a new boardroom at the Union’s new offices is a milestone and that the Union is looking forward to setting up a restaurant for its members for income generation. The new UASU-MMUST Chapter Offices and boardroom were officially launched by UASU-Turkana University College Secretary General, Mrs. Beatrice Mbori.

“This is a great achievement for the UASU-MMUST Chapter. I have learnt a lot from attending this AGM,” said Mrs. Mbori.


UASU Secretary General, Dr. Benard Omogo and other officials during the launch of the new boardroom at the Union’s new offices at Milimani, Kakamega.

UASU-MMUST Chapter Secretary General further stated that the Union leadership has fostered a consultative relationship with top management in the University, which has enabled a number of projects, ideas and programs affecting Union members to come to fruition. He further emphasized on the need to hold talks with the University management over the timely implementation and signing of the 2012/2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Dr. Omogo said that one of the key challenges the union is facing is that the CBAs are yet to be actualized.

Additionally, other issues such as rampant suspension of union members, members’ apathy on union matters, initiation of policies to replace the PSSP and actualization of departmental examination coordinators allowance were extensively discussed during the meeting.

The Chapter Chairman, Dr. Jairus Odawa commended the University management for the recent staff promotions as well as for the implementation of new diagonal basic salary.

“We look forward to collaborating with the Management on staff welfare and on other matters for the development of this University. In the last eight (8) months, the new Chapter leadership has realized some key achievements. One of them is that we have successfully initiated a last respects insurance cover for our members which we hope will relieve us from the frequent ‘WhatsApp contributions’ in the long run,” said Dr. Odawa.

He stated that the Union has conferred with the University management about a training for newly hired academic staff on the University’s policies, regulations, procedures and statutes.

The Chapter Organizing Secretary, Mr. Phillip M. Amuyunzu, noted that the Union emphasizes professionalism and integrity.

 “We hope that through training, we shall achieve this,” he said, adding that the Union cushions its members, therefore, it is safe to be a member.

The Chapter’s Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31st December 2020, was presented by Kirugu and Associates while the Treasurer’s Report for 2021 and Proposed Budget for 2022 was presented by the Chapter Treasurer, Dr. Angeline Savala. The Trustees’ report covering the 12-months period as from 31st October 2020 to 1st November 2021, was presented by one of the Chapter Trustees, Prof.Kubasu Kwashe. 

Other Chapter officials present were; Dr. Consolata Lusweti (Vice Chairperson), Dr. Humphrey Agevi (Deputy Secretary General), Dr. Reuben Rutto (Assistant Treasurer), Committee Members; Dr. Joyce Kasili, Dr. Regina Bwire and Dr. Evans Rabala, Mr. Moses Adama (Trustee) and Delegates; Dr. Christine Akinyi and Dr. Ababu Musera.


 By: Sandra Awuor DorcasMary Wangari Wambugu

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