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The educative and exciting event was sponsored by Prof. Orata through a grant proposal awarded to him by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), a professional body of renowned Chemists worldwide based in the United Kingdom (UK).

“I appreciate the Management and teachers of Mukumu Girls School for allowing this activity to take place in this school. I encourage you to pursue based careers and venture in Entrepreneurial sectors,” said Prof. Orata.

Prof. Orata who is also an ambassador of Chemical Sciences within Western Kenya, is aims at reducing the gender gap and to inform students and teachers on career expectations in fields of chemistry such as Inorganic, Physical, Industrial, Organic, Environmental, Synthetic, Analytical and Computational Chemistry.

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Prof. Francis Orata, Prof. Danston Baraza, Dr. Rahab Kamua, DCCM's Ms. Caren Mutoro following presentations during the event.

Addressing the students, Prof. Danston Lilechi Baraza shared the chemistry programs offered in MMUST and beyond. He urged the girls to keep practicing Chemistry and have the right attitude.

“If you believe Chemistry is tough it will be tough, but if you believe it is doable it  will be doable,” he said.

Dr. Rahab Kamau from MMUST’s Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, encouraged the girls that ladies too can do well in Chemistry. “Back in the days, education was stereotyped. Science subjects were known to be a ‘male thing’. Look at me now, I am a Lecturer in Chemistry and still aiming higher.” she said.

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She further talked to them about the possible career expectations in chemical sciences. For instance, being a chemistry teacher, technician in a laboratory, analytical chemist or even working in labs as a toxicologist.

“Have your dream. Be focused on what you want to be. If you don’t reach the sun, fall on the moon,” she concluded.

Students and teachers were awarded merit certificates, while the school received Soap and detergent, lab coats and chemical learning charts from MMUST.

This function came prior to the major event which will be held on 28th January, 2022 in Matungu sub-county.

This event will bring together various schools in Matungu sub-county, Kakamega County. Some of the keynote speakers who will represent the University will be, the Dean School of Natural Sciences (SONAS), Dr. Joseph Owino, Dr. Seline Ooko, Dr. Gershom Mutua and students of the MMUST Chemical club. 

 By: Charity Idaya  and Caren Mutoro

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