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MMUST School of Education Holds Training for Lecturers Ahead of the Launch of a New Masters Programme

The SEDU team during the workshop.

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology’s School of Education, on 15 September 2023, held a training for its lecturers from the Department of Educational Psychology, ahead of the launch of a new master’s program – Cognitive Neuroscience (Learning difficulties). The training sought to equip MMUST Staff with skills to teach the programme to the targeted groups, which will include professionals and teachers working in disabilities related areas. This will advance their understanding of the biological processes that surround human cognition especially regarding the relation between brain structures, activity, and cognitive functions.

The event was graced by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and Students Affairs, Prof. Hussein Golicha, who assured the participants of his office’s support to the team.

 “I am aware that the programme has passed several stages including the Senate. We will push it to the necessary levels, and I believe that many people who are targeted by the Programme will benefit from the science that you are developing,” said Prof. Golicha.

18 SEP 2023E

Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and Students Affairs, Prof. Hussein Golicha enjoys a light moment at the workshop.

Addressing the participants, the Director Curriculum Review and Development, Prof. Judah Ndiku appreciated the team from SEDU for targeting the group with learning difficulties. He noted that the group is often neglected by our systems. Prof. Ndiku assured them of his office’s commitment towards supporting the Department of Educational Psychology to finalize the accreditation of the programme.

“As a Directorate, we ensure that we observe the standards and guidelines by the Commission for University Education (CUE) as we build our curriculum,” he said, re-emphasizing that the master’s Programme has been approved by the University’s Senate and is awaiting CUE approval.

The Dean- SEDU, Prof. Moses Poipoi stressed that this master’s Programme is pertinent in the School of Education and is timely as it emphasizes on multidisciplinary in MMUST.

“The programme has harnessed experiences and knowledge from Sociology and psychology curriculum as well as special needs. Learning of this programme will not only benefit our students but also address psychological challenges experienced in society,” said Prof. Poipoi.

Speaking during an interview, the Chair of Department - Educational Psychology, Dr. Edward Okaya revealed that the master’s Programme is the first ever in Africa, targeting to carry out assessment, placement, and intervention of learners with learning difficulties. He was hopeful that the programme will result in a better intervention for learners with learning difficulties, to make them realize their potential.

Further, Dr. Okaya urged the participants to fully devote themselves to the cause, to see the plans to maturity. “Avail yourselves and be ready to learn, to keep the programme moving,” he noted.

It is also worth noting that the training attracted several external facilitators from the University of Jyvaskyla based in Finland. They included Prof. Paavo Leppanen who made a detailed presentation on ‘Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience’, Dr. Susannah Otieno Leppanen ‘Research application and Societal Impact of Cognitive Neuroscience’. The other facilitator was Ms. Elizabeth Mbare who has previously served in both the Kenyan government and civil society on matters of child protection.

The experts in the field gave lectures and shared presentations covering the latest research findings, theories, and models related to learning difficulties and their neural underpinnings. These presentations covered a variety of topics aimed at deepening the participants’ understanding of how the brain processes information, and how this relates to learning challenges.

18 SEP 2023D

Right Prof. Peter Odera and Dr. Bill Ouda during the training.

The team made an in-house plan as a way forward that will be taken into action to see this cause to fruition, including the official signing of the MoU and establishment of a psychology laboratory. MMUST’s team together with the international partners have embarked on mobilizing resources including multisectoral expertise that will offer the training to the lecturers.

Cognitive neuroscience is a field of study that combines elements of psychology and neuroscience to understand how the brain supports cognitive functions like perception, attention, memory, language, and decision-making. Researchers in this field use various techniques, including brain imaging such as the fMRI, electrophysiology, and neuropsychology, to explore the neural mechanisms underlying these cognitive processes. It is a multidisciplinary approach that aims to bridge the gap between brain structure and cognitive function. Successful implementation of the programme at the University will certainly put MMUST on the global map! 

By Caren Nekesa

Photos By Shiundu Masafu

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